2014 reading challengeMy January reading was great—I read some great books, both in English and French, and didn’t spend a dime. So, how did the 2014 reading challenge in February go?

Well, not as great. I am a little behind on some things! I’ll need to pick up the pace in March…

Goal 1: Read 100 Books

Here’s what happened in February to put me behind on this: I read my first five-star book of the year, The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. It was a beautiful reading experience, and after I finished it, I froze. I turned on my Kobo, saw screen after screen of Grisham and other filler stuff, and worried that it wouldn’t measure up, that reading it would somehow ‘spoil’ the book I had just read. Irrational, I know. But I felt like I could not read again until I found something as fabulous. I finally broke the spell with the release of the newest JD Robb book, Concealed in Death—I devoutly follow the series and was looking forward to this latest release. It started out a little rough—maybe I was still waiting out the end of the five-star high, or maybe the main character in my beloved series is becoming a bit too Mary Sueish for my taste. But I finished the book yesterday and found it had a satisfying ending. Back to normal reading for me!

Goal 2: Do a Thematic Reading Project

Check! The Golem and the Jinni was a Jewish-themed book, so I’ve met my goal on that one. I’ve got several other Jewish-themed books in the queue; I am going strong on this one.

Goal 3: Read a Book of Daily Essays

Well, I am still reading Telushkin’s The Book of Jewish Values, and enjoying it. But I think I am a week or so behind now. The book, unlike the daily essay book I read last year, is not organized by Calendar date—there is no numbered entry for each day of the year. Rather, there are 52 weeks and each week has a Monday entry, a Tuesday entry and so on. I recall missing a few days, and then opening up one Wednesday to find it coincidentally waiting on a Wednesday read; I read it, then carried on.

Goal 4: Read More French

Fail, Fail, Fail. Didn’t read a thing. Bad Joanna! I do still have some of the freebies from the French series I reviewed, but they work a lot better on my iPad’s bigger screen and that’s not usually the device I prefer to read on. So I lost track of these a little. I am going to double down on this in March. I have plenty of material ready to go!

Goal 5: Spend Less Money

Done! I still have yet to buy an ebook. All of my reads this month were library books.

Up next for March: I need to catch up on my 100-book goal, read more French and polish off another Jewish-themed book. I am loving having a focus for my reading this year and am excited to have a ton of great books to read.