mills & boon

Does it come in any color that isn’t pink?

Yes, ripped, frayed, slightly torn, and even somewhat disheveled bodices need no longer languish without their very own dedicated ereading app. For Harlequin UK has launched a dedicated iOS reading app welcoming its ereading audience “to the world of Mills & Boon!” And lest anyone doubt the legitimacy or PC-ishness of the term “bodice ripper,” The Guardian, epitome of British right living and high thinking, has endorsed it in its article: “Bodice-ripping Mills & Boon novels? There’s an app for that.” What better authority could you want?

The new app will offer access to “Adobe® Content Server protected eBooks on your iOS device,” with a link to the Mills & Boon website. The digital reading app itself appears to be an adaptation of the Bluefire Reader from Bluefire, a prominent Seattle-based developer of white label reading apps – and in this case, with added pinkness. Further details on Mills & Boon’s ebook platform and terms of service are available here.

The Guardian has also argued that romantic fiction has benefited especially from ereading – though probably no more than other genres such as science fiction and horror. Mills & Boon has already enjoyed strong sales from ebooks, and appears set to reap even more. No news of an Android equivalent app yet, but Mills & Boon already appears to use the Amazon Kindle Store heavily, with some titles even offered for free. Bodacious, ripping stuff.