Stephen Page has an interesting editorial in the Guardian’s Books blog, looking at the possible effects of the iPad, now being launched in the UK, on the publishing industry.

Page doubts that the iPad will cause “a revolution in ebook sales” but expects it to accelerate the change that has already been taking place. He feels it is incumbent on publishers to move faster to demonstrate why they are useful and necessary in a world where self-e-publication is becoming easier and faster.

Publishers, Page says, need to seek direct relationships with readers, rather than being content to direct their marketing toward booksellers and traditional media as they have in the past. They need to focus on how they create value for both authors and readers.

This reminds me of the piece I mentioned a couple of days ago, in which Brett Sandusky said that the publishing industry needs to refocus on consumers. If more industry professionals come to this realization, perhaps publishing can minimize the disruption e-books are set to cause.


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