quick note.pngFrom the press release:

Random House U.S. e-book sales surged 300 percent in the first six months, and comparably in Germany and UK. The company’s e-book program in these countries cumulatively expanded to 20,000 titles. The UK Group’s Nigella Lawson digital cooking app became an immediate global bestseller.


  1. So if theirs went up 300% in US or somewhere close, and everyone else was only 180 or whatever it was, then as a whole, ebook sales declined for the non-Random House group of publishers?

    e.g. if flat sales of 40 million Jul-Aug-Sep

  2. Amanda,
    Exactly right.

    Random House declined the Apple Agency plan and therefore are not allowed into the Apple iBook Store.

    I guess it didn’t harm RH that much.

  3. Well, so far letting retailers set their sale price seems to be working nicely for RH.
    Just a data point but combined with the fact that BPH collective ebook sales are flat, month to month, it does look like RH is, at a minimum, not losing market share along with the Price Fix Five.
    RH has to be feeling good about passing on the Apple iBooks Kool-aid.

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