quick note.pngNPR’s Science Friday has a great close-up video of the Espresso book machine. It’s installed at the McNally Jackson bookstore in New York City.

According to the video there are about 4 million books available to be printed on the machine. Unfortunately there’s no embed code that I can find, so go over and check it out.


  1. For those who publish through Lightning Source, releasing a book through Expresso machines is one of the options. Each printing requires a separate download, so there’s little or no danger that an unscrupulous bookstore could buy one copy but print twenty.

    At present, most installations seem to be in big-city bookstores and university libraries. But Expresso machines installed in the warehouses of book wholesalers could bring print on demand to English-speaking countries (such as Australia and New Zealand) where shipping costs from the US or UK can add significantly to a book’s cost.

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