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Received an email from Tony Hursh about his new ebook creation program for the Mac.  It costs $14.99.  Here’s what he says:

Abulafia by Contraterrene eLearning Group, LLC is now available in the Mac App Store.

Abulafia is a fast, easy-to-use ebook publishing tool for Mac OS X Lion (10.7).  It generates ebooks that are compatible with all major ebook readers, including the Amazon Kindle (with the addition of a free tool from Amazon), the Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple’s iBooks.

Abulafia includes a basic editor, or the writer can use an external editor of his or her choice and simply paste the text into Abulafia for formatting and building the ebook.

Abulafia uses standard, non-proprietary HTML for its working files (no format lock-in or conversion issues).

Mac App Store link:

More information:


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