In an interesting shift, an Irish radio interview has led to an ebook edition of a book spiking on Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Constable author, Tim Newark, whose book, The Fighting Irish was the subject of a Pat Kenny interview Wednesday 22nd February. By the end of the day the book had climbed to the top of  the Kindle Irish History bestseller charts and had spiked in the paperback Irish History Bestseller charts.

It remains at #5 on the Kindle chart and #88 on the print bestseller charts a day later. It’s an example of how the immediacy of availability can move units and drive sales for publishers.

(Via Irish Publishing News.)


  1. Also shows the value of interviews – be they radio, morning show on tv, or newspaper. Get those interviews lined up now for Read an E-Book Week. As an author – you have the perfect “in” during the week.

  2. I haven’t visited the Amazon kindle store for a while … I see that they have shifted the irish market back to ? is that correct ? even for Kindle readers ?

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