Abe Murray, Google Books

Observations since launch: users added millions of books to their ebook libraries and read 10s of millions of pages; read on android, iPhone, iOS, and pcs and netbooks; ove 1 million app installs across iOS, android and Chrome; most pages are read in apps and most books are read on the web, people like to read on their web browser and will use it at work, lunch, etc.; many users download epubs but still read in web and apps, they didn’t know how e-ink usage would work out and users seem to like them; most users have one device, where a device is something beyond a laptop, and a large minority have two devices. More and more people will move into the two and three device area. Google users are reading the same top sellers that everyone else seems to be reading. Top subjects by volume: romance, biography, thrillers, finance, young adults, sci-fi/fantasy; politics, diet/fitness. Top cities, in order: NY, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Houston, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis. Have over 5,000 publisher partners in the US alone. Over 180 resellers in 150 cities around the US.


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