Author John Green is an Internet sensation.

He has millions of followers through various channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

Green recently was named Indie Champion by the American Booksellers Association. The ABA published his acceptance speech on YouTube last week, which I spotted on the Huffington Post today.

His speech may be not NSFW, but he gives a heartfelt rant about the power and necessity of tools of traditional publishing:

“I am sometimes held up as an example of someone who is like changing the publishing paradigm or whatever because I have a lot of Tumblr followers or YouTube subscribers and I could speak directly to my audience,” Green said in the video, “and I don’t need the value-sucking middleman of bookstores and publishers, and in the future everyone is going to be like me, and no one will stand between author and reader except possibly an e-commerce site that takes just a tiny little percentage of each transaction.

“Yeah, that’s bullshit.”

Watch the full video below to hear the rest.


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