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From the press release:

Renée Register and Thad McIlroy announce the publication of their jointly authored handbook of metadata for book publishers.

Renée Register is Principal of DataCurate, focused on supporting publishers in the development of 21st century data policies, practices, and systems designed to connect readers to content.

Thad McIlroy is Principal of The Future of Publishing, a consultancy devoted to helping publishers at the intersection of production, markets, and technology.

The Metadata Handbook is a one-stop guide for professional publishers, large and small, who need to get a handle on how metadata for books operates in the real world, and who need to implement a strategy to master the development and transmission of comprehensive metadata for the books they publish.

Its over 100 pages take the reader from metadata fundamentals through to the latest information on the use of ONIX 2.1 and 3.0. A comprehensive glossary simplifies numerous technical terms while a full listing of vendors and relevant industry organizations provides an annotated directory of resources available to publishers.

The Metadata Handbook frequently references “best practices” documentation published by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), BookNet Canada (BNC), and Book Industry Communication (BIC). The authors fully support the work of these organizations in promoting the adoption of shared metadata standards and practices. The authors also support and eagerly anticipate the results of the study commissioned by BISG from Magellan Media examining “how physical and digital book metadata is created, managed, modified and employed throughout the supply chain.”

The Metadata Handbook will be published in July 2012.

It will be available as a PDF (or EPUB or Mobi file) for immediate download for $95 (USD). The printed version retails for $125.

Advance orders receive a 10% discount of list price (bulk discounts are also available). The online order form and additional information can be found at

For further information please contact:

Renee Register, reneeregister(at)datacurate(dot)com 
Thad McIlroy, thad(at)thefutureofpublishing(dot)com


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