Digital Book World just published a report that piracy does harm sales and backed it up with a list of 25 studies that prove the point.

Okay, splashy headline. You can agree or disagree with it, your choice. What I found interesting were the recommendations to publishers:

1. Make content available online

2. Use existing anti-piracy laws

Those are excellent suggestions, and, oh, by the way, the exact suggestions many in the e-reading world have made for years. As I said in my introduction post, I used to be a pirate. Why did I stop? Because the books I wanted finally became available in legal e-book format.

They also discussed an interesting case where e-book windowing barely increased hardcover sales and actually decreased overall sales. Duh!

Face it, publishers, some people are never going to buy your books. Some people will pirate because they want a hard drive full of books they’ll never read. Don’t worry about them. Worry about people like me who want content in digital format and are willing to pay for it if it’s available.

I actually considered piracy recently (though I didn’t follow through on it). What did I consider pirating? A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series. It was released last week in hardcover, but the e-book won’t be available until April. That was almost enough to make me hunt down a torrent.

Until I remembered my husband had an unused credit on his Audible account, and I purchased the audio version instead. Piracy averted!