toccon-bug.gifAngela Bole, BSIG; Kelly Gallagher, Bowker

Consumer attitudes to ebook reading. Ongoing project. Very fresh data, completed survey last week and this is the first release to the public. Looked a print book readers who are moving to ebooks. Respondents had to have read an ebook. 95% confidence level, about 44K respondents.

Purchasing behavior: #1 reason to buy an ebook is affordability

34% acquired their first ebook within the last sixth months

Purchasers of ebooks are buying fewer hardbacks and paperbacks

47% read ebooks on a desktop, 32% on the Kindle, 11% on iPhone, 10% on iPod Touch, 9% on Blackberry, 9% on a netbook, 8% on the Nook, 8% on the Sony Reader, 13% on other

50% buy ebooks exclusively

When asked what would make you pay more for an ebook, 3 of the top 5 items related to social network features

When asked what the major benefits of ebooks were the top benefits were low cost, availability of free/promotional books

When asked if they would be willing to wait 3 moths for the release of an ebook after the release of the hard cover, 30% said not sure, 32% said would be willing to wait, and 25% said would buy the hardcover instead

When asked if DRM would change their purchase decision, 42% said maybe, 29% said no and 29% said yes