Stephen Leather is perhaps the most successful independent author in the UK. His thrillers and sexpat titles sold 44,334 copies in December on Amazon.co.uk. His refunds add up to more than most authors sell in a month.

We know this because Stephen is one of the authors generous enough to be making public the sales figures of their self-published Kindle and other ebooks to encourage aspiring ebook authors (I Sold 44,334 Kindle Books In December).

For those of us vulgar enough to need to know what Stephen’s Amazon (UK) sales figures translate to in royalties, I took Stephen’s Kindle sales figures and plugged in their sales prices multiplied by Amazon’s royalty percentages. The results are in this inspirational little table:

Title December sales Sales price Royalty Revenue
Bangkok Bob 302 £2.98 £2.09 £629.97
Dreamer’s Cat 3,899 £0.86 £0.29 £1,130.71
Once Bitten 22,607 £0.74 £0.26 £5,877.82
Private Dancer 205 £3.83 £2.68 £549.61
The Basement 17,321 £0.74 £0.26 £4,503.46
Total £12,691.57

Via Steven Lewis’ Kindle Writers blog