cover_theark.jpgTechCrunch is reporting that self-published author Boyd Morrison, who uploaded book, The Ark, to the Kindle store, has contracted for a two book deal with S&S and will be published in hardcover in 2010.

According to a post on KindleBoards foreign rights to the books have also been acquired for over 75 countries. Morrison is quoted by KindleBoards:

“Thanks so much for everyone who has been so enthusiastic about my novels. I can honestly say that the readers on Kindleboards were a big factor in spreading the word and getting me noticed by my publisher.”

KindleBoards states that “As far as we know – and we track Kindle e-books pretty closely – this is the first time that an indie author has ‘made it’ with a bona fide New York book deal, after self-publishing his work on the Kindle Store.”

Thanks to Erin Biba for the heads up.