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From an article by Kim Stricland in ChicagoNow, who is a self-published author.  She talks about her expeirence with PW Select:

Publishers Weekly is a venue for book reviews, and for books published primarily by traditional publishers. Yet, when they found a way to capitalize on the self-publishing craze, I can’t help but think the poison at the end of their pen in the predominantly negative reviews [in the PW Select quarterly guide] has more to do with self-preservation than any real interest in fostering a relationship with the self-publishing industry.

What every author wants from a review of this type is that one line they can quote. I would’ve been happy with something like, “Down at the Golden Coin is a fast and witty read that could have been so much better without Strickland’s ham-fisted dialogue.” Because of course I would quote only the first part of the sentence! But reading the PW reviews in the supplement, every one of them is suspiciously crafted so as to not string together a single sentence like the above. There’s basically no way to get a useable blurb from any of the reviews, even when they do say very positive things. It reeks of sneaky, if you ask me.

Read the full article for the details.