Here is a complete, unedited transcript of my Twitter posts from the Conference. Sorry I didn’t use hashtags, but Twittering was difficult without any WiFi. Too much typing on a tiny keyboard. Hope you find it useful. Met some interesting people and will post about them tomorrow. One of the most important things I learned is that the correct usage is EPUB, all caps! PB

Arrived at Digital Book 2009; presentation begins at 8:45am EST

Met Andrew Sacher, CEO of Word-Player, the first ebook reader for the Android platform: word-player.com he has 60K downloads

Sony is a major sponsor of the conference. Will be presenting later

Attendees from Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, India, Japan, Taiwan

Lisa Mcloy-Kelley, VP Random House Content management: digital reading hit tipping point combination of new devices and increased content

LIsa: part of general digital media convergence; every level of the organization now aware of ebooks

Lisa: cookbooks, jewelry, craft books, etc. don’t work in digital form – need to flip through pages

Lisa: a year ago publishers not ready for EPUB cause too much work and retailers didn’t want it cause not enough content

Lisa: adopted DocBook as standard XML; working on project to check rights convert backlist titles

Lisa: working to change every existing ebook to epub by end of year

Lisa: working on digital distribution system; reviewing all their rights; testing earlier issue of ebook than print book

Lisa: reflowable pages make people uncomfortable, but as much as you can int the XML

Lisa: today’s consumer very quality oriented in the end result of conversion

Bob Carlton, VP Marketing, LibreDigital: publishers not understand how to market ebooks yet

Carlton: PDF difficult to map to epub

Carlton: converted format is not exact replica of original text

Carlton: must embrace standards that are flexible and make reading engaging. Engaging is important

Carlton: in real world no one will be able to own whole supply chain from creation to distribution

Sandeep Dhawan: Aptara Vice President: from service bureau quality parameters not defined clearly

Dhawan: clean XML as the first part of the workflow is a must

Dhawan: automation in digital workflow is critical

Dhawan: quality assurance on actual reading device is essential

Dave Cramer: TexTech, XML Architect: currently ebook quality is terrible, epub is a very looks standard and you must be very specific ab …
Cramer: is a very loose standard and you must be very specific about what you want as an end user

Cramer: some books should not be ebooks, especially those where design is the point of the book

Cramer: many choices to be made in conversion process,

Cramer: conversion process is not just a button push

Crater: you absolutely must proofread the final product

Bob LiVolsi: President BooksOnBoard: 60percent of readers read on PC or Mac

LiVolsi : iPHONE is 7 percent of sales

LiVolsi: format 54 percent Adore, 20 percent Mobi; 17 percent MS Reader; 9 percent rEaders

Eric Lazzaro, Overdrive: Waterstones went 100 percent epub very risky but doing well

andrew Weinstein: VP Ingram Digital; ebook sales grew 50 percent year over year

Andrew: amount of content, content types and types of business partners increasing

Andrew: library business grew 2.5 times

Andrew: in retail title base and sales volume doubled, more retailers signed in last 1221 months then in last 24 months

Andrew; that’s last 12 months

WiFi not working well here am using Nokia phone now

LiVOLSI : customers not too price sensitive

LiVolsi : repeat rate up from 20 to 40 percent

LiVolsi : ebook cannibalizing print but when they go ebook they read more

LiVolsi : will be opening a UK office in next 30 days

Break till 11:30

Garth Conboy: President eBook Technologies: is spelled with all caps

Conboy: logo creation will start in a couple of weeks

WiFi still not working

Conboy: EPUB validator will be web accessible soon, embedded font examples on line

Adam Smith Director Product Management Google Book Search: new initiatives – buying and improving reading experience

Smith: vision is open platform for buying and reading books; on line reading via web, mobile and devices

Smith: will introduce product for direct sales and retail partnerships

Smith: develop application and device partnerships with open API for connected device access

Potash: will be an book zone at CES

Smith: pricing will negotiated with publishers

Roger Sperberg is Tweeting on his Kindle. Never thought of that!

Met Allen Lau of Wattpad very interesting story will write it up when I get back

Andrew Savikas VP O’Really Digital Initiatives: sell more digital books than print books on their website

Andrew: get free lifetime updates DRM free, PDF is most popular format, EPUB is second

Andrew: still see no reason for DRM

Angela James, Executive Editor Samhain Publishing: digital publisher. No DRM Successful

Angela: DRM doesn’t prevent piracy. Books are pirated. Feel that it increases customer dissatisfaction .

Angela: none of their authors ever asked them to go back and add DRM

Sameer Sheriff CEO Impelsys: self serve on line publishing and marketing and delivery system

The hall is packed. No free seats.

Sameer: experiment with different pricing in different markets. There is no specific ebook price

Susan Danziger, DailyLit President: not possible to add DRM to installments . Publishers consider installments as form of DRM.

Susan: still no WiFi.

Robert Nell Director Business Development, Sony: believe if give customers more choices, thru open standards, will sell more Readers

Robert: doing well in UK, France, Germany. Strong sales in US. Last holiday had 3K outlets, expect 6K this holiday

Robert: touching machines in stores leads to sales. Over 100K titles in store

Robert: working with public libraries. Libraries carry both EPUB and PDF. Doing this thru Overdrive

Robert: for EPUB retailers if they promote the Reader Sony will do co-marketing

In answer to a question said are working on wireless. Avoided any details.

Still no wireless my fingertips are getting sore!

Michael Santangelo, Brooklyn Public Library: use PDF and Mobi. 7K ecopies. Ebooks surpassing audio books. Romances are biggest category

Sarah Wendell: Smart Bitches: Typical purchases 500 dollars/year. Readers want wireless, large screen, adjustable layout and text.

Sarah: onboard light, simple setup, durable, device based organization

Sarah: want ebook released same time as paper, one format, priced same as paper edition, no DRM, ability to share ebook with friends

Malle Vallik Director, Harlequin: going to do non-fiction soon; font size more important than people think

Malle: backlist very important. Want to read on multiple devices.

Update from Bookeen: Laurent Picard. Sold in 70 countries. Expect 50K units in 2009. Coming to US.

I saw the new small Bookeen device and its really neat. Has an accellerometer to switch from portrait and landscape.

Neelan Choksi, COO Lexcycle: Pan Macmillan contacted Stanza to get on board the day after Stanza was released

Jordan Christensen: Product Manager, Shortcovers: Shortcovers will be available on Android soon.

That is it. Conference over and I will put up the Tweets on TeleRead late tonight or tomorrow.