This is one of the less known features of the Kindle Touch, but it perfectly uses the possibilities the touchscreen gives, especially if you want to quickly preview, for instance, articles in a daily newspaper.

You can easily navigate to next/previous chapter in a book, or next/previous article in a magazine by simply swiping the screen with a finger.

Next chapter

To go to next chapter swipe up anywhere on the screen.

Kindle Touch next chapter

Previous chapter

Swipe down anywhere on the screen.

Kindle Touch previous chapter

You can use this feature in books which have the working table of content (unfortunately, not all books from Kindle Store have it).

To check it, simply tap on top of the screen to get the toolbars, and in the bottom bar tap on Go To button. If you’ll see a list of chapters, it means you’ll be able to switch them by swiping the screen.

(Via Ebook Friendly » Tips & More.)