KindleFire Select Input Languages 175x300

Want to change the keyboard on a Kindle Fire, check out GZB – Gero Zhans Blog:

I think I’m the first who found out about this, so I just love to share this with the world:The Kindle Fire indeed supports various international keyboard layouts – and even without rooting! This effectively fixes the trouble that a lot of people have with the presumably English-only keyboard layout with that stupid “Quickfix” word recommendation scheme that currently can not be disabled due to a bug.

It’s hidden. It’s hidden very well. And it needs a couple of detours to get to the point where you can actually select various keyboard layouts. But if you hate the Kindle’s English “Quick Fixes” so-called “feature” as much as I do, it’s really worth the effort.

OK, keeping in mind what I said about installing Android applications in my last blog (i.e. with the help of another Android mobile, Astro and Dropbox), — or have a look at the short English version down here in the comments

See the blog for full details.  Thanks to Yakov Shafran0vich for the link.