Received the following email from Brian Eberling:

Don’t know if you’re aware yet.  Borders has stopped doing ebooks,
kind of.  They always used Kobo to power their ebook store, but now
they’ve cut themselves out of things and ebook purchases are directly
through Kobo.  They have a link to an account transfer page that will
basically merge your Borders ebooks into your Kobo account (or if you
don’t have one you can set one up).


When you try to buy an ebook at Borders you’re presented with the
following message…

“Borders has teamed up with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading.
Enjoy everything you’ve come to love about eReading with Borders,

* More Selections: More than 2.3 million books, newspapers, and
magazines, including thousands of free titles
* The Newest Apps: Download the free Kobo eReading app to continue
reading your existing Borders eBooks and build your Kobo library
* Easy Library Access: Your Borders and Kobo eBooks will be safely
stored in one Kobo library available day or night in the cloud

To make the transition seamless, if you already have Borders eBooks,
Borders will provide your existing Borders eBook library and other
account information to Kobo, subject to Kobo’s terms and privacy
policy. Transactions made with Kobo will not be eligible for Borders
Rewards or other Borders programs.

To agree and to complete your eBook purchase, simply click CONTINUE
below. It’s that easy with Borders and Kobo.”

Just thought it might be something you wanted to share with others.