Bookstream™: a new cloud-based library to deliver ebooks

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From the press release:

This school year, educators will have a new option to deliver their books. In addition to handing out textbooks in class, they will deliver eBooks through the cloud to students’ iPads, smartphones, and laptops with a new online service called Bookstream.

Bookstream, developed by Don Johnston Incorporated, makes it easy for educators to hop on the Internet, upload eBooks and share them with students for anytime reading. It was designed to help educators comply with IDEA 2004 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) that require schools to deliver core curriculum in accessible formats to support students with disabilities.

“We work with assistive technology specialists who drive hundreds of miles each week to deliver eBooks on flash drives,” said Ben Johnston, Director of Marketing. “It’s ironic that eBooks are delivered by car, but as one special educator explained, there aren’t many alternatives—book files are often too big and unwieldy to email or download. She was also concerned about violating copyright laws and wanted an easier way to manage digital content. She inspired us to do something about it, and now we are with Bookstream.”

For districts that are just beginning to build an accessible curriculum, Bookstream includes access to thousands of eBooks and fully supports Bookshare’s more than 110,000 digital files. It will read any book in ePub format without DRM restrictions. Teachers can also upload and share their own quizzes and worksheets with students.

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