murder.jpgFrom the Diesel ebook blog.

Mobipocket, one of our formats here at the Diesel eBook Store, was created by the lovely French couple, Thierry Brethes and Nathalie Ting. Their smart and lofty goal was to introduce an eBook format that could be rendered on a multitude of devices. It’s no wonder that Mobipocket quickly become as popular as it is. Whereas other earlier formats were designed for a particular device or company, Mobipocket strived to unite all eBooks on any and all reading devices. Democracy in action. Vive la liberté!

But, like all good murder stories, this one gets complicated.

In 2005, Amazon was hunting for a new format / platform, acquired Mobipocket. Ironically enough, Amazon then did a complete 180 on Mobi’s original intention by creating a new hybrid version that it promptly tethered to that little white plastic gismo, the Kindle (ever hear of it?). It is said the Kindle format is 99% pure Mobipocket with a wee bit of gobbledygook thrown in, so that it can be rendered on the Kindle or Kindle-supported apps, only.

In November 2006, Thierry and Nathalie said au revoir to Amazon.

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