Here is the Dover books.  They don’t do ebooks, and don’t plan to (I asked), but I love their books so I couldn’t resist posting this picture.








Here’s one of the main entrances to the exhibit hall







People are lining up all over to get books signed.  There are even separate book signing venues.  Also, if anyone is offering a free book the table is mobbed, almost like hyenas attacking a downed animal.  Don’t get in the way of someone heading for a free book!

Marketing here is pretty staid compared to other shows I’ve been to.  Not much glitz except for the Cool-ER people who seem to have a sense of showmanship.  I passed by their booth this afternoon and this is what I saw:


The looks on the spectators’ faces were comical.  Clearly they aren’t used to this here.  You should have seen the looks, also, of the people who were running the very staid stand right next to them.  Clearly they never expected anything like this.