aug-techblogs-custom26.jpgEric Taub reviews Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy on the NY Times website today. He says:

that brings to it what the publisher, iStoryTime, says is a first: an iPad book complete with sign language for deaf children.

The $3 app offers three versions of this charmingly illustrated work: one that children can read themselves, one that would be read to them and one signed by a woman who stands off to the side of the screen, with the reduced-size book running next to her.

The signed version is actually a QuickTime movie, which can be paused by the user. The woman signing stands against a black background, her movements flowing flawlessly as the book is read aloud by an off-camera narrator.

In the end he feels that the book could have done a lot more with the content than it did, but let’s give it credit for leading the way to new things.