NYTimes Kindle 222x300

I love The New York Times and am a loyal subscriber to its Kindle version. But honestly. Are all of the Times’s objective, hard-hitting journalists in the pockets of New York publishers? When you scan the prestigious addresses of the five Defendant Publishers listed in the Department of Justice’s antitrust complaint, they are all in the same Manhattan borough as the Gray Lady, if I have my New York geography right. So when David Carr or Julie Bosman or David Streitfeld report a story involving a company located 2,900 miles from Manhattan, maybe it’s not surprising that they tend to favor the home team.

I find it irritating, but it doesn’t really matter. Nicholson Baker’s writerly takedown of the Kindle in The New Yorker in 2009 didn’t slow the advance e-readers one pixel. And if The New York Times continues to offer one-sided coverage of the e-book revolution, portraying Amazon as the death star for literature instead of a facilitator of new audiences for independent authors and more affordable choices for readers, it won’t matter much. Disruption will continue to occur 2,900 miles away from Manhattan at the hands of Bezos and company.

I see The Times does have a Seattle bureau. I’d love to hear from them once in a while!

(Via The Kindle Chronicles.)