demographics.jpgBowker has a new report available book buying and demographics. Unfortunately it costs $1,000 so I’m afraid I’m not going to buy it. Their press release, however, is free and does provide some interesting information – including an ebook fact. Take a look, and thanks to Resource Shelf for the heads up.

57% of book buyers are women yet women purchase 65% of the books sold
in the U.S.

– Mystery books are the most popular genre for book club sales, with 17% of all purchases of mystery books coming directly from book clubs

– Generation X consumers buy more books online than any other
demographic group, with 30% of them buying their books through the Internet

– 21% of book buyers said they became aware of a book through some sort of online promotion or ad

– Women made the majority of the purchases in the paperback, hardcover
and audio-book segments, but men accounted for 55% of e-book purchases