‘The People’s Publisher’ – Launch of D Publishing

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After months of speculation Dymocks launched D Publishing Network  last night!

Australia’s largest bookselling chain has launched a service to enable writers to to create, print, publish and commercially distribute their books and eBooks with Dymocks. Their web-based service allows anyone to become a published author with their books available on Dymocks.com.au and through Google ebooks.

The bookselling chain will have the ability to choose some titles to be distributed through their bookshop. This last point will be a huge carrot to writers – a publishing service AND online distribution AND possibility of appearing in the chain stores throughout Australia, New Zealand Hong Kong. With 96 stores in their network and over 60 million books sold last year, this service offers a unique proposition not currently matched elsewhere in Australia.

I spoke to Michael Allara, General Manager of E-Commerce at Dymocks to find out some of the nuts and bolts of how D Publishing Network works with authors and what it costs.

Packages currently being offered by D Publishing Network

Print only – $499: They take your manuscript and typeset it for their digital print  option. They understand that (as with any typesetting process) that it may not be correct the first time and you can keep adapting for up to five times. You also receive a PDF ebook with this package.

ePub only – $399: Conversion of your manuscript to an ePub ebook format.

Print and ePub – $699: Combined package deal.

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3 Comments on ‘The People’s Publisher’ – Launch of D Publishing

  1. The price for conversion to epub is absolutely ridiculous. This has scam written all over it.

  2. Luqman – I suggest it is somewhat OTT to accuse them of being a ‘scam’. You believe the price is very high. But high prices does mean a scam. It just makes it poor value. Are you suggesting they are not delivering what they promise ? defrauding their customers ? Because that is what a scam is.

  3. Correction … I mean to say “High prices does NOT mean a scam” in my comment above.


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