Oyster acquires Harry PotterOyster just scored a significant acquisition. It’s only a handful of books, but they involve some popular characters. Yes, Oyster has the Harry Potter series, all seven of the main books plus the three Hogwarts Library books.

Their release says it’s the only subscription service to have all the books, and that’s true if you are talking about the Library books. The seven main books are available through Kindle Unlimited, although the Library books are not.

In honor of the occasion, Oyster had added four new themes, one for each of the Hogwarts Houses. You can select your House or tap on the Sorting Hat to have one chosen for you.

It’s a cool gimic, which I think readers who enjoy the Potter books will appreciate.

Wisely, Oyster has added a Harry Potter page in the Explore tab to help readers find other books they may enjoy. Harry Potter may bring readers to the service, but, assuming the recommendations are good, they will encourage readers to continue to subscribe.

Availability of content is an important consideration for a subscription service. If your “must-have” books are available in one, but not in another, it’s obvious which you’ll choose. Landing all the Harry Potters is an important milestone to allow Oyster to compete against Kindle Unlimited and Scribd.


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