I previously mentioned the OpenPandora Linux-powered gaming tablet back in April. As an entirely open Linux-powered device with a 4.3” 800×480 screen, it might have the same potential for e-book reading as any other small hand-held, and perhaps even better.

Well, the $350 device is now shipping in dribs and drabs, as they become available to those who pre-ordered—but a number of the units have been set aside for immediate sale at the higher price of $500 for those who absolutely can’t wait, guaranteed to ship within 7 days. (As Engadget points out, this can’t make people who paid $350 months ago to pre-order feel very happy.)

While the device is primarily intended for gaming, its open nature means that it can be used for pretty much whatever anyone will write software for. It will be interesting to find out whether anyone uses it for e-books, with FBReader or other applications.


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