A Barnes & Noble employee has said on-camera that his company will sell a color-screened machine from Plastic Logic in spring 2010.

E Ink or LCD or another technology? That wasn’t clear to me. Color E Ink on an actual consumer machine would be a breakthrough. Screen is to be paperback-sized.

The new B&N device—apparently not the one said to be coming next month—is to offer “new and cool" features missing from the Kindle.

The B&N man, Daniel Joresson, gave no price. But he did say the machine would run eReader.

My guess is that eReader will also show up on the B&N e-reading device rumored to appear in the next few weeks, maybe even Oct. 19.

In any event, the app won’t be Aldiko, according to the software company’s Tiffany Wong, a TeleBlog contributor, who was gracious enough to email me a link to to a Mashable piece about the 2010 B&N machine. The video you see here was embedded in the piece, and the interviewer is Jenn Bruin.

We wondered about Aldiko on the B&N device since the device might run under the Android operating system and Aldiko  works under that OS. “No such plan,” Tiffany emailed me in response to my query, “as of now.”

Also of interest: Engadget on the color B&N device.

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