FlipboardFlipboard made my list of great productivity apps in a previous post I wrote for GadgeTell (one of TeleRead’s sister sites), but until today I only used it on my iPad. Why? Because the New York Times was only available in the iOS version. Not only that, but previously, if you logged into Flipboard on Android, you lost Times access on your iOS device.

No longer! As of today, you can get the Times in the Android and Kindle Fire versions as well. I just downloaded it and tested it out. The articles look great on my Nexus 7. Flipping is smooth. In fact, I think I like it better on Android.

The Times in the iOS version has an ad with each article. I don’t really mind the ads; they’re attractive, but so far I haven’t seen ads within articles in the Android version—just a quick ad between articles reminding me to subscribe to the digital version of the Times for full access. (I have a free account and only receive Top Stories.)

I’m thrilled, and if you like Flipboard, you should be too. It’s now my favorite news reader on all my devices!


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