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A London area library authority that is providing free 24×7 access to ebooks is mentioned today in a London area paper. It’s an article that I’m sure the library, area leaders, and an American company (to be named later) are happy to read.

images.jpegBarnet is one of the larger boroughs of London located in the northwest portion of the city and has a 16 branch library authority along with a mobile library service (the kind with four wheels).

Amongst its services is a solid collection of remotely accessible databases including Credo Reference, KnowUK, and the Oxford English Dictionary.

The article focuses on the three month old digital library service that launched in Barnet this past February.

Not only is it great to read an article like this in the paper/on the web but also to learn that those involved are pleased that nearly 1,000 downloads have occurred during the first three months of the service and expansion plans are already in the works.

The collection of about 1,000 titles is powered by…you are correct, OverDrive. Here’s the digital library web site.

From the Article:

Plans are now underway to add a range of audio books as well as more eBooks to the collection.

Councillor Robert Rams, who is in charge of customer access, said: “Barnet’s library service has taken great strides over the last couple of years with significant investment across the network.

“Introducing eBooks is just the next step in providing library users with the most up-to-date and best service possible, making sure Barnet remains one of the most forward thinking authorities.”


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