What Happens to Your Macbook Air Battery in a Year (GigaOM)Morning Roundup
When a PhD student charted his Macbook Air’s battery for its first year of life, the level of decay he saw surprised him.
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Kobo Discounts Their Arc Tablet Line (Good e-Reader)
Kobo has severely discounted the price of their 2nd generation e-Reading tablet, the Arc. The 16GB model now starts at $130, while the 32GB model is selling for $180 and the 64 GB edition for $200.
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Losing Bookstores is a Much Bigger Deal for Publishers Than it is for Readers (The Shatzkin Files)
Start with this. You’re kidding yourself if you’re a book publisher who believes the digital revolution has slowed down, that independent bookstores will thrive in the new environment, that ebooks — if not a fad — have reached their growth limits, and that something resembling the book business we’ve known for the past 100 years will survive for another 100 years.
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Should Publishers Add Digital Watermark to eBooks?
In the Netherlands, eBook sellers will put individual watermarks into digital books as a strategy to discourage digital piracy. Do you think American publishers should use this strategy?
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Kindle Daily Deals: “The Corpse Reader” by Antonio Garrido & “The Perfect Marriage” by Kimberla Lawson Roby (and 2 others)


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