Nook PressNook Press Misses Payments, Authors Left With No Explanation or Support (The Digital Reader)
Reports are coming in this weekend that Barnes & Noble’s self-pub platform Nook Press has dropped the ball.  An unknown number of authors are saying that their latest payment from B&N, which was supposed to be deposited in their account in the last week of August, never arrived.

How Can We Prevent Another Event Like the iCloud Celebrity Photo Hack? (GigaOM)
Here are a few things we can learn from the iCloud photo hacking scandal — plus steps you can take to make sure that your private photos remain unseen.

Thinking Fiction: An Overview of the World of Fiction Copyediting (An American Editor)
In my contributions to An American Editor, I hope to address some of these issues and share my approach to copyediting fiction.

Open-Source Textbooks Take Root at Md. Colleges (Washington Post)
An experiment with open-source online textbooks at several Maryland universities last semester yielded promising results, and officials are preparing to expand the program this fall.

Kindle Daily Deals: Laced (and more)

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