Kobo Responds to Complaints About Deletion of Self-Pub Titles (The Digital Reader)
Kobo has finally shared a partial explanation for why they removed self-published titles from their ebookstore. It may have taken them well over 48 hours to respond, and their explanation leaves many questions unanswered, but at least we now have something solid to go on.

Three Simple Censorship Rules Can Safeguard Self-Published Books (Digital Book World)
It all seemed so sweet; anybody can get their book published on Kobo or Amazon without having to endure a zillion rejections from picky publishers, and what’s more they can pocket the lion’s share of the sale. What could be more liberating? But like everything on the net, there is always a dark side.

Finding Libraries in Unexpected Places (Book Riot)
We usually think about libraries as staid and steady buildings, safely immobile on our city streets.

Apple Makes Questionable Copyright Claim to Pull Down iTunes Contract (Techdirt)
There had been some buzz a while back when Digital Music News published an entire iTunes Radio contract, which was targeted at smaller indie labels, showing how Apple got to throw its weight around, presenting terms that were very much in Apple’s favor over the labels if they wanted to participate in iTunes Radio.

Kindle Daily Deals: Lizzy Gardner Series (and 4 others)

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