pirate textbooksAuthors Behaving Badly and Authors Who Aren’t (Joe Konrath)
So a bunch of legacy authors–many of them smart and who should know better–just signed a letter accusing Amazon of things that simply make no sense.

Global Crackdown on Pirate Textbooks Continue (GoodeReader)
There is a global crackdown on organized crime manufacturing illegal student textbooks. A few weeks ago police raided a few locations in Madrid and Seville, seizing 10 professional book scanning machines and arresting three.

Create UK Highlights Publishing’s Economic Success (The Bookseller)
Posters highlighting the contribution made to the UK economy by the publishing industry are going up in central London sites, marking the launch of the Creative Industries Council’s new strategy for growth across the creative sector.

After Six Decades, TV Guide Canada Fades to Black (Global News)
TV Guide Canada, which once vied with Readers Digest as the most widely circulated magazine in the country, has ended for good TV news writing and reporting.

Kindle Daily Deals: Celebrate Independence Day (and others)


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