GoodreadsHow Amazon & Goodreads Could Lose Their Best Readers (Salon)
With 20 million members (a number some have noted is close to the population of Australia) and a reputation as a place where readers meet to trade information and share their excitement about books, the social networking site Goodreads has always appeared to be one of the more idyllic corners of the Internet.

One Quarter of Europeans Prefer Buying Books Online (GoodeReader)
A survey carried out by Eurostat to determine the extent that information or communication technologies has permeated in the lives of the average European has revealed the online buying pattern that the Europeans have engaged in in 2012.

Shatzkin: Why Competing with Amazon is So Difficult (Digital Book World)
Amazon is most publishers’ biggest client — and the company they fear most. In the globalized era of digital content businesses, firms likely have to do business with companies that are both partners and potential competitors.

No, Writing for Free Isn’t Slavery and Other Misconceptions About the Economics of Online Media (GigaOM)
In an op-ed piece in the New York Times, an author complained about repeatedly being asked to write for free, but what he finds so insulting is something many others see as an opportunity — and it is not going away any time soon.

Kindle Daily Deals: Fire From Heaven (and 4 others)

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