Stan Lee Shares Children’s Book Writing Advice (GalleyCat)Morning Roundup
The legendary comic book creator Stan Lee recently founded his own children’s book imprint with 1821 Comics and Terry Dougas
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Selling Books Elsewhere (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
My French publishers treated the Smokey Dalton series in translation much better than my American publishers ever did. I love the French editions. They had gorgeous covers, and lots of publisher support.
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Seattle-Based Publisher Moves to Monthly Royalty Payments (Digital Book World)
Bucking decades of convention, Amazon began offering its authors monthly royalty payments as opposed to twice annually as has been the tradition in the publishing industry. Now, a small Seattle publisher, Booktrope, is following Amazon’s lead. Will other publishers do the same?
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Bookeen Launches a Tablet, Returns to its Roots (The Digital Reader)
The French ereader maker Bookeen, a company which has been making ereaders since before the dawn of the Kindle, has just announced their first Android tablet.

Kindle Daily Deals: “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace (and 3 others)


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