subscription servicesWhich Authors Do Subscription Services Benefit? (Digital Book World)
Subscriptions services may yet turn out to be a next game-changer in publishing, but for the moment that market is in a state of flux and expansion.

Retailers Prep to Kick Off Independent Bookstore Day (PW)
Aside from simply celebrating small bookstores, one objective of the forthcoming Independent Bookstore Day, on May 2, is to bury a long-running narrative that the indies are dying.

A Pay-What-You-Want Bookstore Could be Used for Many Things, But Discovering New Authors? No (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
A new bookstore called Openbooks has been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks for its unusual business model.

Are Romance Readers Lying to Themselves? (Dear Author)
Recently the documentary about romance produced by Laurie Kahn has generated a couple of positive articles about romance and romance readers. The lede for these two articles and most articles about romances today includes the statistic that romance is a billion dollar market.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Forgotten Seamstress (and others)


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