pulitzer3Why Don’t Books about Women Win Awards? (Galley Cat)
Novelist Nicola Griffith has analyzed the winning books of six major book awards over the last 15 years and has come to the conclusion that both women authors and story’s written from a woman’s perspective are less likely to win awards.

eBook app for Apple Watch shows what not to do with watch apps (9to5 Mac)
Want to read ebooks on your Apple Watch one word at a time? Of course you don’t.

Better Apple watch apps are coming this year (Quartz)
This will allow apps to run directly on the watch, and will give apps and companies access to more functions on the device, including its sensors and “digital crown.” This could immediately be useful for apps such as fitness trackers and games, Williams said

The TeleRead take: “Whew!”

QR Codes Link Subway Riders to Library eBooks (iQR.me)
Naysayers of the efficiency of QR codes always make the excuse that the popularity in Asia is due to their love of mobile devices and new technology. And that’s a problem? How can over a billion users be wrong? Well the latest QR code ‘fad’ is the linking of codes to eBooks in the Chinese National Library for over 10 million passengers on Beijing’s subway.

The TeleRead take: A February article, but still fascinating.

Is Self-Publishing a Viable Option for Literary Fiction Writers? (The Passive Voice via Ink, Bites & Pixel)
Ayesha Pande: My response here is based purely on anecdotal evidence: It seems readers of literary fiction have a bias for print books; many readers tell me they want to keep the books, put them on their shelves, read them again and share them with others—none of which is possible with an e-book. In addition, sales of literary fiction still do depend on reviews and self-published books don’t tend to be reviewed by book reviewers, mainly because there are simply too many of them.

Experiment: hitting a bestseller list with a nonfiction book (KBoards)
I’m getting ready to launch a nonfiction book and my target audience is represented by people who make money online in one way or another. Freelancers, webmasters, online business owners, writers (you guys haha) and so on. My goal: hitting a bestseller list

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