writing10 Things I Learned While Writing my Last Book (Austin Kleon)
My third book Show Your Work! came out a year ago. I kept a diary while writing the book, but it’s too painful and embarrassing to share in full. So here’s a list of lessons I learned while writing it, adapted from a series of tweets…

Publishers Getting Left Behind on Mobile (Digital Book World)
The change I’m talking took place just a few weeks ago, on February 26, when Google announced that on April 21 it will be rolling out a new version of its search algorithm, which determines what shows up when you or I or anyone searches for something online.

North American Manga Sales Increased 8% in 2014 (GoodeReader)
According to ICv2, a retailer-focused hobby game and comics/graphic novel market site, has just submitted a statement for the North American manga industry that it has hit a growth for a second year in 2014 after a long decline.

5 Sites for Summarizing Book Plots (GalleyCat)
Reading literature is not always an easy task. It can help to review plot summaries in the process of reading difficult texts.

Kindle Daily Deal: Hunted (and others)

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