Microsoft Surface TabletsIn news that should come as no surprise to anyone who reads tech news, the Microsoft Surface tablets aren’t selling well, and so Microsoft is dropping the price to clear out inventory. All Things D is reporting that the prices have been dropped by as much as 30 percent.

This means that the 16GB Surface RT has gone to $349 from $499. That’s a pretty big price change. What’s more interesting is that these are indefinite price drops, so you don’t have to be in a hurry to scoop one up.

Of course, that assumes you’re in the market for a Surface tablet, which would put you in a significant minority. According to Bloomberg in March, Microsoft had sold only about 1.5 million of them, and I’ve seen no news to make me think that number jumped significantly in the second quarter.

Of course, Microsoft has hinted at updated models coming out soon, so a price drop to clear out existing inventory does make a lot of sense.

It continues to look bleak for Microsoft’s tablet offerings. I’m curious: Any of you own one? What do you think? Do the new lower prices make them a decent buy?

This post originally appeared on GadgeTell.