AdobeThis Cnet story isn’t about e-book formats despite mention of PDF. It will be fascinating to see if Adobe promotes the use of Flash–from the newly acquired Macromedia–in e-books. And how will Microsoft respond? I dislike PDF. But I’m all in favor of experimentation with technology that usefully differentiates e-books from p-books.

Detail: Wait. How about Metro? Will this new document format from Microsoft encompass e-books? Anyone out there care to speculate?


  1. Metro is static e-paper – ala PDF 1.0.

    HOWEVER, consider that the new Office 12 file formats (including .docx) are based on the EXACT SAME XML+ZIP-based container format as Metro…

    Then you have a single file format based on open standards encompasing the richness of Word (styles, reflow, etc.) PLUS a static view (Metro).

    Sounds like a winner for eBooks to me…


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