reading manga on tabletsAs I continue to switch to consuming more digital media, I was looking for a way to read manga on tablets. I wrote earlier this year about Viz Manga coming to Kindles, and writing that motivated me to download the Viz app to my iPad and Nexus 7, where it sat until recently when Viz had a big sale.

A sale finally got me to purchase some manga and try them out.

I started with reading them on my Nexus 7. Page turning was smooth, although I wish I could turn with a tap instead of a slide. The image quality is excellent, and I had no problems reading, even the small text. However, pages do feel a bit small on a 7″ tablet. I think the iPad Mini would be a better size.

So I switched to reading on my 4th gen iPad, and that’s where I’ve stayed. My older eyes need the larger text size that we get on the 9.7″ screen.

Conveniently, when you get to the end of a volume, you’re prompted to download (if purchased) or buy the next one.

You can access the store and purchase volumes directly from the app, although I found the store interface counter-intuitive. There’s no “Search” field. Instead there is an All Series button on the top right corner, which I never noticed until I was writing this article. Once you find that, purchasing is smooth, and the new volume starts downloading within a minute or two.

When I purchased a volume from my Nexus 7, it showed up quickly in my iPad app also.

The apps are supposed to sync locations between devices, but I’ve not figured out how to make that work. It’s not a big deal for me since I mostly read on the iPad.

If you already have an extensive collection of paper manga, you may find the pricing (usually $6.99) per volume a bit steep for replacing a paper collection. But if you’re getting started with a new series, it’s not bad.

Manga purchased through the Kindle store will be a bit less expensive, and they are viewable on the Kindle apps for iOS and Android, so if Kindle is your ecosystem of choice, it’s another option. The selection has improved in the Kindle store since I wrote the article I linked to above.

Anyone else reading manga on their tablet and want to share your experience?