public libraryThe public library question is one we ask ourselves frequently here at TeleRead: In general, how well—or how poorly—are libraries adapting to the Internet age? And how, exactly, are library patrons using their local branches? (As low-cost coffee shops or free Internet cafes, perhaps?) And for that matter, do most patrons consider their local library’s print book collection to be just as crucial as it ever was?

Tough questions, all of them. If you spend a moment studying the infographic below, which was sent to us today from the website CityTownInfo.com, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion we’ve come to probably dozens of times ourselves: Americans still love their libraries and still consider them to be a crucial aspect of any vital community, and yet … budget cuts. They don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

At any rate, take a look yourself, and if you have a spare moment, let us know if—and how—any of these stats resonate with you, or with the public library situation in your own part of the world.

* * *

public library
Courtesy of: CityTownInfo.com