I was adding a book to my Overdrive Holds list at my library yesterday and stumbled across a new feature: auto checkout. Curious, I went to the Overdrive site to learn more.

Overdrive auto checkout

According to Overdrive, when you sign up for auto checkout, you’ll receive an email when your book is ready and automatically checked out. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I assume you’ll then go to your account and select the format you prefer from the borrow menu.

I’m excited about the option because it address a concern of mine. We camp several time a year with little to no access to an Internet connection. When I have library books on hold, I’m concerned a book will become available while we’re gone, but that the four day grace period will have expired by the time we get home. It looks like auto checkout will solve that problem and will mean I don’t have to plan a trip outside the park to check and see if any books are available.

It’s an opt-in process, if you’d prefer not to have it, and you can opt-in on a book by book basis, if that were important for some reason.

Go Overdrive. It’s a small upgrade, but I like it.