BlogTrottr Fills a Need No Other News Reader Can Touch—Translation (The Digital Reader)Morning Roundup
The Readerpocalypse is only 6 days away and I have finally found a replacement for the one feature that I cannot live without: auto-translation.
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This Just In: Young Adults Love Libraries (The Digital Shift)
A brand-spanking-new Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life study (just released this morning) has found some surprising information about young people and their opinions of libraries and print books
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YouTube, Fair Use and Takedowns: With Puppets! (Boing Boing)
Here’s Fred von Lohmann, one of the senior copyright attorneys at Google—and formerly head of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s copyright practice—describing how YouTube takedowns and fair use claims work, with generous use of excitable puppets. (See video below…)
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Why Does Everyone Except Google Want to Build a Reader? (GigaOM)
With Google Reader about to be killed, why is everyone getting on the news reader bandwagon? What do Feedly, Digg, AOL, Facebook and LinkedIn know that Google doesn’t?
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Kindle Daily Deals: Quicksilver (and 3 others)

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