scribd logoLibraries Receive Shrinking Share of University Expenditures (The Scholarly Kitchen)
As a percentage of overall university expenditures, libraries have been steadily losing ground. This is the main message of an updated graphic produced by the American Research Libraries (ARL).

Facebook Adds Save for Later Reference (GoodeReader)
A new save feature lets you put a virtual bookmark in a link, place, movie, TV show, or music clip… so when you have time, you can get properly caught up.

Unlimited Subscriptions: Five Things You Need to Know (Joe Wikert)
Here are five important points everyone in publishing should keep in mind when analyzing Kindle Unlimited and the other all-you-can-read subscription services.

HarperCollins to Try Bundling Print and eBooks with Bitlit (Digital Book World)
BitLit is a free app that allows readers to purchase the e-book edition at a discounted price when they already own the print book. To claim the e-book, readers write their name in ink on the copyright page and snap a photo using their smartphone.

Kindle Daily Deal: Sleep with the Lights On (and others)

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