Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7 2013: Tablet Comparison (GoodeReader)

The Google Nexus 7 tablet got a refresh in hardware, with the second generation model that just came out. Many people these days are not just buying a 7 inch tablet to play games or watch movies, but use it as an e-reader. There are many advantages in going with a full color display, such as to read magazines, comics, replica newspapers or even reading apps, like Pulse. Today, we compare the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 and Google Nexus 7 2 in real world tests.

Keep the Library Book Sale Sacred (Book Riot)

I recently rediscovered my own bookish pet peeve, the thing that turns me into a pearl-clutching old lady yelling at kids to get off my damn lawn: people who use barcode scanners at a library book sale.

[Per this piece we covered a while back, some barcode scanner users don’t feel entirely guilt-free about the practice themselves. –CM]

Have We Forgotten Readers in Our Worries Over Access? (The Scholarly Kitchen)

I’ve been reading surveys of physicians and attending focus groups filled with physicians for more than 20 years. If there’s one clear trend, it’s that science is becoming less important in the daily lives of practicing physicians. It seems to me that they are less likely to be aspiring scientists and seem more attuned to merely surviving the daily grind — paperwork, administrative duties, and patients.

Snooping on Your Kids: How I Felt ABout My Father’s Online Surveillance of Me (GigaOM)

Over the course of a decade, GigaOM writer Mathew Ingram used a variety of tools to snoop on the online behavior of his three daughters — in this post, his daughter Meaghan talks about how she felt about his surveillance.

Kindle Daily Deals: Cards of Grief by Jane Yolen, Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer, two others.

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