Oh my. I have the urge to go make popcorn for real and munch on it while I read this story. It looks like Righthaven’s just about reached the end of its rope. Last week, when it turned out Righthaven had less than $1,000 in the bank, one of the courts that issued a legal fee judgment against it issued an order requiring the company to turn over its intellectual property to pay those bills.

As of the Monday deadline, Righthaven had not complied, appealed, asked for more time, or declared bankruptcy—it seems to have ignored the order altogether. So the Randazza Legal Group has filed a motion asking the court to have US Marshals take the company’s principal officers, Stephen and Raisha Gibson, into custody to force them to comply with the order.

How much lower is it possible for this company to go? I think the limbo bar is on its last notch. I’m going to munch more popcorn and wait to see what happens next.


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