PaidContent reports on a filing in a New York federal court from a law firm related to the antitrust investigations and class-action suits. This law firm, Grant & Eisenhofer, says that it should get to represent consumers because it has “special knowledge” about the industry’s price-fixing.

G&E has been investigating this case since we were approached through counsel by an industry source in March 2011. This source provided detailed knowledge from his years in the industry that further spurred our investigation

I wonder who that might be and what they said? As the article says, up to this point, allegations of price-fixing have been largely based on speculation from public sources. A leak from an industry insider close to the scheme could be pretty significant.

On the other hand, I’m not really sure why an insider source should be needed. It seems pretty clear to me that the proof is in the way the publishers have acted, (almost) all at once moving to reorder the way e-books are priced and sold everywhere. It’s nice someone’s coming forward to say so, but what can they tell us that we haven’t already seen?


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